A REAL OLD-FASHIONED BAPTIST CHURCH—Not just a sign or a slogan, but a stand. Our music is still church music. Our preaching is still straight. Our Bible is still the King James Version. Our services still include praise, prayer, and preaching. Our outreach still includes soulwinning. Our standards are still based on what is biblical, not what is popular. We choose to be marked in the community as an old-fashioned Baptist church rather than to be marketed in the community as an "anything-you-want-is-what-we’ll-be" church.

We are a smaller church family. We care for each other, respect each other, stay in touch with each other, and take care of each other. We rejoice with each other in victories and blessings. We cry with each other in failings and heartaches. We have solid relationships with each other outside of the church services and activities. You are a name, not a number. A person, not a parishioner. Pastor actually knows what is going on in your life; he prays for you and cares for you. When you are away on assignment or are underway, we watch over your family and are there to help when needed.

A QUALITY SCHOOL FOR THE STUDENTS—Frequent changes in assignment don’t have to undermine a quality education for the children. Fairview Baptist Christian Academy provides students with individualized instruction, helping them to excel in their areas of strength and to achieve in their areas of weakness. A ministry of the church and part of the church, rates are affordable and attractive, with family discounts and payment plans. Mid-year transfer students are cheerfully welcomed.

A PLACE TO SERVE—NOW!—What "on-fire Christian" wants to sit on the bench for a year until the preacher says, "Okay. You’re okay. You can come out and play now?" Military families (and many career business families, too) are transferred frequently. With a credible testimony and reasonable demonstration of commitment, there are ample areas of ministry to become involved in shortly after becoming a part of the Fairview Baptist Church family. We understand the demands of military service…the irregularity of schedules, the necessity of assignments and deployments. At Fairview Baptist Church, your ministry is fitted to your capability and your availability. It is not a shame to be in the military, and you are not "second class citizens." We are proud of you!

A PLACE TO GROW—The pulpit ministry offers both the fire of spirit-filled preaching and the food of spirit-filled teaching. New believers are matured, and mature believers are strengthened.

Fairview Baptist Church and Christian Academy is centrally located in the heart of Hampton Roads, easily reached from military installations and surrounding communities in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach, and within minutes of the major shopping areas of Hampton Roads.

A CHURCH WITH BALANCE—The Spirit of Fairview Baptist Church is the spirit of evangelism (soulwinning), the spirit of edification (discipling), the spirit of encouragement (lifting up the brethren), the spirit of endurance (steadfastness), the spirit of enthusiasm (with the whole heart), and the spirit of excellence (doing it right for the Lord).

A PASTOR WHO REALLY IS—The biblical pastor oversees the church, leads the flock, and feeds the sheep. Sheep grow with encouragement and incentive, not with belittling and shaming. Rebuke and abuse are not the same. Pastors who beat up on the sheep are not pastors but predators. Our Pastor’s burden for the lost is evident in his personal soulwinning and evangelistic preaching. His compassion for the hurting is evident in his counseling ministry. His knowledge of the Word is evident in his preaching and teaching. His love for the Lord is evident in his walk. And his love for his people is evident in his pastoring. He knows us, and loves us, and leads us.