—Resources You Can Rely On!—

is a full-fledged Christian Bookstore operated as a ministry of Fairview Baptist Church. Established for the benefit and convenience of our membership, THE BOOKSTORE is open to the public. Usual hours of operation include Monday – Friday 8 AM – 3 PM, and following all evening church services Sunday – Saturday, with extended hours during special events and seasons.

specializes in resources for the conservative, fundamental Christian family. While we do offer some items that are also available in other bookstores, the greater portion of available resources are not normally available in the average non-church-related bookstore. As a ministry of the Fairview Baptist Church, our resources are in keeping with the doctrinal position of Fairview Baptist Church, an Old-Fashioned Independent Fundamental Baptist Church.

books—We specialize in books written and published by conservative, fundamental authors and publishers. We do not endorse works promoting ecumenticalism, secular humanism, the charismatic movement, New Age philosophy, or works that are identified with new evangelicalism, neo-orthodoxy, modernism, liberalism, or other theological positions or movements apart from the historic fundamental position. An exception is a limited number of books whose authors we do not usually recommend but who have produced a work of specific and notable value which is otherwise in keeping with our position and is recommended for its overall content. Reference books offer Bible-study assistance to laymen and ministers alike. Books are available for ages 2 years through adult. A wide variety of KJV Bibles are available, including small pocket Bibles and large family Bibles.

music—We offer a wide variety of instrumental and vocal music CDs, cassette tapes, as well as songbooks, hymnbooks, and piano books. All of our music is conservative. We do not offer Contemporary Christian Music or music that is worldly in message, musical structure, or presentation. In addition to sacred music, we offer a wide variety of classical music CDs (Bach, Mozart, Handel, Beethoven, etc.) and children’s music.

videos—All videos offered follow our underlying principle of conservative theology, Scriptural accuracy, and moral integrity. THE BOOKSTORE videos offer evangelism, enlightenment, and family entertainment.

gifts and supplies—Every item is offered as a tool to assist the believer in personal spiritual growth and in personal ministry outreach, including Bible covers, indexing tabs, and Bible study accessories. All items bearing Scripture portions use KJV verses, including framed artwork, greeting cards, men’s neckties, jewelry, tote bags, games, and caps. Clothing items include custom-made-for-modesty girls and ladies culottes and Fairview Baptist Christian Academy uniform items.

For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:12